PHOTO: This Is What A Disassembled Hermés Kelly Bag Looks Like

It’s one of the fanciest handbags on the planet when it’s all sewn up and put together, but thanks to German photographer Jeroen van Rooijen, we now know what the Hermes Kelly looks like when it’s taken apart.

In van Rooijen’s new book Zerlegt (the German word for decomposed or disassembled), fancy and not-so-fancy accessories get taken apart and photographed to let the beauty of their individual components shine through. And in the case of the Kelly, named for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the process makes for a really pretty picture. But the book is not just about looks — van Rooijen examines the quality of each product he takes apart and discusses their origins.

Frankly, though, we’re surprised that so many fashion companies let van Rooijen take their precious products apart — think of how many trade secrets he’s releasing! The book includes photos of Converse sneaker components and pieces of a classic Mackintosh coat. The book even includes a seam ripper so that you can take apart your own clothes. Best of luck on putting them bag together, though.

But as far as we’re concerned, the Kelly takes the cake. Take a look at all of its pieces below.


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