PHOTOS: Is Hillary Clinton Having A Chanel Moment?

While we totally get that what our Secretary of State wears is far less important than her policy positions (so cool your jets, angry politicos), we have to say that we’ve been especially impressed with what Hillary Clinton has been pulling out of her closet this week. Mostly because it looks like it’s Chanel.

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Whether or not it actually is Chanel is up for debate — Madame Secretary is probably too busy running around the world and solving diplomatic disputes to return phone calls about the contents of her wardrobe — but two jackets she’s worn recently are certainly in the same school of boucle, bracelet-length fabulousness favored by the fashion house’s classic designs. And it’s not like she’s never worn Chanel before. Our friends at The Huffington Post point out that Clinton owns one of those much-loved (and much purchased) white ceramic Chanel J12 watches, and the expensive brand certainly isn’t outside of her personal budget.

Take a look at her two jackets (one white and black, the other a daring combination of blue and green) below.

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