Hillary Clinton Has Major Wardrobe Malfunction At G20 Meeting

You know how embarrassed you get when you end up wearing the wrong thing to a party? Well picture wearing the wrong thing to a party hosted by government officials from the world’s most powerful nations, and you might come close to feeling the pain Secretary of State Hillary Clinton felt during this weekend’s G20 meeting.

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Clinton, who’s been having her fair share of good style moments over the past few months, made a serious faux pas in a group shot with the other G20 Foreign Ministers, all of whom descended on Los Cabos, Mexico to discuss everything from drilling for oil and natural gas to greener ways to grow food. Clinton looked especially green when she donned a chartreuse Nehru collar jacket for the photo, in which everyone else wore simple white shirts.

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But instead of feeling an appropriate level of shame for not toeing the party line, Clinton giggled at her mistake. State Department officials say that she wasn’t breaking a rule and didn’t know everyone else would be wearing white, which means she must have literally missed the memo on this one. And while we think a different cut of jacket would have been more flattering (you know, maybe something with like a lapel?), we can’t stay mad at her. Because at least she stood out.

Take a look at all the hilarity below.

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