PHOTOS: Hillary Clinton Commits The Crime Of Wearing A Scrunchie

Sometimes, when you’re busy, all you really want to do is keep your hair out of your eyes. So we can appreciate that Secy. of State Hillary Clinton swept her hair behind her head and corralled it into a ponytail during a meeting with Peruvian Prime Minister Salomon Lerner. Only one problem: she did it with a scrunchie.

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Yes, a scrunchie, one of the many things we don’t miss about the decade preceding the aughts. Yes, a scrunchie: the universally unflattering elastic vice grip of tonsorial doom, designed specifically to make people look like they have bad taste — or worse: no taste at all. Surely this accessory has no place on the head of one of the most powerful people in the world?

And yet, there it is, glaring at us with no sense of irony or shame whatsoever.

We know Clinton has a lot more pressing concerns than her personal appearance — and so do all of the politicians we’ve written about here at Styleite — but we’d be appreciative if Clinton and other people like her realized that what they wear (and how they accessorize) matters. And not only is that scrunchie just not cute, it also communicates a sense of carelessness and general fatigue that, well, frankly would make us very uncomfortable if we were in Prime Minister Lerner’s shoes. (Our friends at The Huffington Post point out that this isn’t the only time Clinton has committed this egregious offense.)

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Take a look at the scrunchie below and try not to bemoan it as a failing of American foreign policy. Maybe Clinton was just having an off day.

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