H&M’s Bribing Shoppers To Go Green (As If That Makes Sense)

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H&M is practically the posterchild of fast fashion, and as the second largest retailer in the world, it’s generates tons of waste. However, it seems that just as it did with the hot topic of model health, it’s addressing the issue head on. In order to cut waste, H&M has introduced a large-scale recycling plan that will offer discounts to shoppers who turn in old clothes. While the initiative already began in February (relatively quietly, it would seem), it will reach all H&M stores by the end of the year, which means its time to start storing up last season’s wares.

The deets: H&M is promising 15% off of one item per bag of recycled clothes (regardless of the label). While this is definitely an incentive to say yes to the dress, we find that when it comes to shopping at H&M, most of our purchases are impulse buys, which means we’re not exactly traipsing around SoHo with a bag of giveaway clothing on the regular. It will be interesting to see if this effort takes off, or if it proves too fussy for the fast fashion shopper.

It’s also important to look at what’s in it for the brand. It’s first and foremost a green marketing effort, and you know they could use all the help they can get revamping their image after the backlash of the Bangladesh factory fires. We’ve also just barely forgiven them for retouching Beyoncé in her swimwear ads. In addition, the Swedish retailer’s sales have notably been dropping and this could be their cleverly-veiled solution to getting more foot traffic in the store.

While we have yet to see the plan in action, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see if H&M’s green scheme is a success.

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