PHOTO: What Did Hollister Do To This Model’s Torso?

Photoshop fails are sometimes cringe-worthy, but mostly just LOL-worthy. Case in point: this Hollister ad featuring an elongated neck and faux-amputee.

The fragrance blasting, music pumping retailer (and unfortunate neighbor) posted an ad onto their Facebook page, which features a two hot young things. The girl is presumably wearing a bikini, and the guy is wearing red swimming trunks. The problems: the girl’s head was shifted up to be the same height as the guy’s, her shoulders are missing, and part of the dude’s trunks were cut right out of the pic while his arms are still intact. It’s like he’s an amputee, but not really.

Facebook commenters pointed out that Hollister has taken down the original photo and uploaded new photos with the guy’s uncut pants. However, the girl’s torso is still stretched out and her shoulders are still MIA.

Sigh. Did anyone at Hollister look over these ads before they went online?

[Hollister Facebook via Photoshop Disasters]

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