PHOTOS: This ‘Homeless’ Fashion Editorial Is As Bad As You’d Expect

Fashion is known for having a bit of a sensitivity problem, particularly when it comes to photoshoots. From blackface to oil spills to domestic abuse, nothing is off-limits and, sadly, nothing is handled particularly well. The lastest installment in Fashion Bungling Social Commentary is this homeless-themed spread from the F/W 2011 issue of Antidote magazine.

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We probably don’t have to tell you that the country is still in the midst of one of history’s most crippling recessions, or that there are currently 46.2 million people living below the poverty line — the highest number in 52 years. As we type this, protesters are marching past our office, towards Wall Street, railing against income disparity and corporate greed.

In other words: homelessness in a fashion editorial? Really?

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The only good thing we can say about this spread is that they couldn’t have picked a more appropriate title: the point of it is, indeed, lost in translation.

[via Fashion Gone Rogue]

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