How Much Did J-Law’s Playbook Bra Finally Go For?

Mmmkay, it’s no secret that we’re massive Jennifer Lawrence fans. But even we have limits to the lengths of our adulation. The sports bra and top that the actress wore for her turn in Silver Linings Playbook (the role that scored her an Oscar last weekend) were auctioned off by the film’s prop company, as we told you last week. But bad news if you weren’t paying attention, and you’re desirous of J-Law’s dirty exercise togs: the sale closed on Thursday, with the winner taking his prize at a whopping $3,175.

It’s one thing to play on our celebrity-fueled fantasies for charitable purposes, but it looks like the proceeds from this sale went directly back into the prop company’s pocket. And someone, somewhere — we won’t make judgements here — is out three grand and probably sleeping with this size 36C Gap Body sports bra under his (or her!) pillow.

Auctioning off one of Lawrence’s drool-worthy Christian Dior gowns from her recent whirlwind of red carpet events, however — now there’s something we can get behind.

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