Let’s Ring up Lynn Yaeger’s and LSD’s Vogue Gift Guides

Make no mistake — Vogue is highly aware the gifts contributing editors Lynn Yaeger and Lauren Santo Domingo picked out for their respective Christmas guides “vary wildly” in price, but “the sentiment and sense of creativity that comes through in every item … is certainly something for the rest of us to emulate as we go about our own holiday shopping this year.” Right.

We did the math anyway for kicks, and let’s just say clever presents don’t come as cheap as you’d like them to. On the more affordable end, the “free-spirited champion bargain hunter” shelled out $1,503 for 22 gifts; the Queen M’Odette, in contrast, racked up $112,040 worth of extravagant cadeaux, excluding two potted delphinium plants whose prices aren’t available online.

In a parallel universe where income is directly proportional to whininess, we’d totally hand out Hermès sterling silver like Ped Eggs. But until they invent time (space?) travel or the Doctor comes to retrieve us, we’ll just go for the $100 Frank Lloyd Wright Lego set, which is by far the best thing in the whole gallery. Some people might call you crazy, LSD, for suggesting a $57,670 23-karat-gold-trimmed dollhouse, but, as always, you do you.


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