The Definitive Guide to Taking ‘Footsies’ Because You Know You Do

Years after Yellowstone blows us all to Kingdom Come, some Martian nerd will reboot the Internet, rediscover the Kardashians and wonder why humans were so into aiming cameras at their faces and pneumatic backsides. (Good question.)

The way these experts explain it to The Hollywood Reporter, the psychology behind “footsies,” the latest variation on That Which Shall Not Be Named, has everything to do with showing off, “personalizing” your surroundings and signaling “status, authority, power, happiness or contentment.”

What a barrel of mumbo jumbo.

True, a photo of your golden-brown piggies could conceivably say “I’m caramelizing myself in St. Barths while you freeze your pallid buns off,” but the real message a pedi-shot sends is “I’m trying to avoid landing my unmade-up mug on Entertainment Tonight.”

Fortunately, Nancy O’Dell can’t boost ratings reporting on civilians, so keep snapping away at your Carine-chic under-eye circles. If, however, you feel compelled to focus on the area below your ankles, here are some tips on how to get your hooves camera-ready.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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