What’s a Fashion Flipper and How Do They Screw Us Over?

fashion flipperYou already know what a fashion flipper is, you just didn’t know there was a proper name for it. But for the sake of clarity, fashion flipping is, “the ability to flip products and charge double for them.” This, according to a self-professed flipper, in an anonymous tell-all interview with Refinery 29. What do we know about this cloaked shopper prying limited-edition pieces from our cold, dead hands? First and foremost, she’s in PR, which helped give her the savvy to get into the reselling game initially.

“I actually got started doing this because I used to work in PR in retail, so I used to buy things at wholesale price and, if they didn’t fit, resell them, she told R29.  “So, I had an eBay store, and I developed a following, so I just continued with that. [My coworkers] know that I sell things, and they think it’s like, a funny quirk.”

In addition to having the patience to brave the masses gunning for the wallet-friendly goods, she has developed a certain set of skills in identifying what will be the most sought-after items.

“There are always those coveted items that everybody knows that most shoppers would want, but I also try to think of people who would want a one-off, she explained. “Like, for example, for Phillip Lim, the cosmetic cases were actually great clutches, and they’re super cheap. So, I bought multiple of those because someone who doesn’t necessarily care if it’s Phillip Lim but wants to be a part of the experience will just buy it as a clutch because they’re able to have a quick little cute piece.”

Unless you’re one of the customers willing to cough-up the extra cash, you’re probably a little bit miffed about this hobby gaining popularity, but at least this mystery seller isn’t marking their prices up too high.

“I try to keep it reasonable,” she said. “Like, if it’s a really coveted item, it goes up between 15 and 20 percent. I just want to get a little bit of [return on investment].”

It was about time that there was a recognized term or those in the re-sale game, particularly with a new high-low designer collaboration out every month. Whether you were braving the elements and rowdy shoppers at the crack of dawn this morning, or visiting an H&M store later in the day to find that all the Isabel Marant pour H&M merch was gone, you were likely cursing these godforsaken flippers. But here’s a thought, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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