How to Tell If You’re “Annoying” on Social Media

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Some people are annoying online. Whether they’re filling your Twitter feed with obvious ploys to get new followers, or over-sharing on Facebook, some people just need to chill out.

Have you ever wondered if you’re accidentally one of these people without realizing it? Maybe those #TBT Instagram photos weren’t as endearing as you thought? While we don’t encourage you to care what people think of your social media presence (’cause we try to follow the IDGAF way of living), if you’re curious about how you might be perceived, you’re in luck: there’s an easy way to tell.

You can log in with your Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram and Social Effort Scale will analyze everything to see if you are “Trying to hard” or “Not trying hard enough.” You can compare friends and cities, and it goes deep into analysis so you can see exactly why you got a certain score. So how does it work?

“Each new post you make on social media is broken into pieces and categorized. Number of hashtags, percentage of capital letters, amount of emoticons or emojis, exclamation marks, punctuation, even the content of your post and hashtags…”

I’ll be mature and admit right now I’m technically “trying to hard” on Twitter—apparently @ mentions and “annoying punctuation” are the main reasons. That won’t stop me from using all the “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I want when I’m excited, but it’s interesting to know the kinds of things that my followers might not like.

I don’t even want to know how annoying my cat-filled Instagram must be.

You can take the quiz here, but seriously, don’t change your social media for anyone. #yolo.


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