This Is How Women Really Use Snapchat

ghostface chillahRecently, the WSJ that there are 400 million photos and videos sent a day on Snapchat, and that 70% of its users are women. The percentage doesn’t exactly shock us, but is definitely higher than we expected. After all, wasn’t Snapchat invented to make sexting easier? It always seemed like something guys would be keen on. It was then that we scrolled through our own Snapchat friend lists and realized that our girl-to-guy ratio was pretty similar.

The news stoked our curiosity about what ladies get up to when only Ghostface Chillah (Snapchat’s mascot) is watching, so we surveyed a bunch of young women that we know and asked them to tell us how they use the messaging app. The results spanned from wholesome and silly, to slightly naughty.

Student, 22:
“I love the videos. It’s even better than pictures. The best part is that now you can ever string videos together. I mostly snapchat videos of concerts, friends doing funny things, and my dogs. I’ve heard of people using Snapchat in sexual ways but I have never partaken in that… especially since you can still screenshot snaps. Oh, and I snapchat my dad: DaBiggy****”

Student, 24:
“I heard that Snapchat was made for “sexting” dirty pictures, but I don’t know anybody who has used it in that way. The network isn’t secure enough and anything you put out in the digital space is there forever. I use it to joke around with friends, share mostly funny and sometimes interesting things.”

Student, 18:
“I use Snapchat everyday to communicate with my friends and family; funny things or just what I’m doing. It’s fast and easy, and private.”

Publicist, 25:
“I love that snapchat allows me to draw on and send little notes with my pictures. I can be really creative with the color palette, the more obscene or ridiculous the drawing, the more colorful I like to make it. It’s also a nice outlet to light-heartedly keep in touch with friends I’m not able to speak with everyday”

Student, 21:
“I mostly use it to check in with people or when I see something worth sharing temporarily. I usually send a snap to at least 5 people at a time. It’s a quick way to send a mass message.”

Writer, 22:
“I literally just send funny snaps to my friends all the time — good/bad selfies depending on my mood, television clips, outfit options, things that I just happened upon that are beautiful. I definitely haven’t used it for anything dirty, although I did get one snap where my guy friend was naked covered in skeleton paint. It was Halloween, though.

Writer, 25:
“The only thing that I have ever used it for is taking drunk selfies and trying to make them as ugly as possible ie. quadruple chins and cross eyes.”

Executive Assistant, 24:
“Sometimes I take selfies that make me feel good about myself and I just want to put them out in a place where I’m less likely to be called out as a narcissist. I cover it up by trying to have a clever caption. Snapchat can be a safe space.”

Student, 23:
“I use snapchat as a means of staying touch with a variety of people without having to engage in a full conversation with them. I also use it to send certain pics to people who I think might enjoy it. I haaaave gotten a dirty snap once but I know others that use it for that more often. A few people I know tend to snapchat after they’ve met on Tinder.”

Retail Sales Associate, 26:
“I swapped a few nudes on Snapchat before they let you do screen shots. I don’t know why they changed it. Now I wouldn’t send out any unless they were my boyfriend. All of the snaps I send out these days are to my girlfriends. We’ll draw penises on stuff.”

Waitress, 21:
“I always thought Snapchat sounded stupid, and then I started messing around on it and it’s seriously one of my favorite things ever. I really only snap to my friends, usually a bunch of people at once. I never have like one-on-one conversations.”

How do you snap, ladies? Lets us know in the comment section.

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