WATCH: HuffPost Headline Says Christina Aguilera Is ‘Trashy’ In New Video

Was this just a case of writers losing sight of what crosses the line, or was it something more malicious? We’re still deciding.

The Gloss brought this issue to our attention a few minutes ago. The original headline, which appeared on HuffPost Impact, reads “WATCH: Christina Aguilera Gets Trashy For ‘Your Body'”. Clearly not so very PC. The original article in The Gloss asks whether the word was used as “a watered-down version of the word ‘slutty'” or to draw attention to the fact that her character in the video lives in a trailer. Neither option makes it okay — either it was slut-shaming, or insulting to people without financial means. We suppose it could have been meant to describe the style of the character in the video, who is a bleach blonde that gravitates toward barely-there clothing, but that still wouldn’t make it that much better. You can have your opinion about what she chooses to wear, but there’s no need to share it with the internet.

Watch ‘Your Body’ below, and then tell us what you think of the video and the headline! Do you think it was a blatant faux pas, a harmless mistake, or no big deal?

[via The Gloss]

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