Huma Abedin Defends Sext-Addict Anthony Weiner In BAZAAR

“Three years ago I was a single workaholic, traveling the globe with an amazing job at the U.S. State Department.,” began Huma Abedin in her essay titled, “The Good Wife”. “I could not have imagined how much my life would change in three short years.”

Amidst even more humiliating revelations of her husband’s virtual infidelities, in which he dropped trou under the fiery alias Carlos Danger after his scandalous resignation, Harper’s BAZAAR unveiled a lengthy preview of an essay written by Abedin standing up for Anthony Weiner’s bid for mayor and asking people to give him another chance, as she did. And while the full essay won’t hit newsstands until August 20th, we get to peer into the life of the woman who has for the most part remained an enigma standing by her husband’s side at all-eyes-on-you press conferences and serving as Hilary Clinton’s right-hand woman. When we first learned she would be appearing in BAZAAR, we were totally hoping for a Terry Richardson-snapped spread, because seriously, she’s got the exotic looks. But more importantly, she is brilliant, which has us totally curious about why she’s stuck it out with Weiner. Unfortunately she only seems to have scratched the surface on the subject.

On why she’s chosen to pen this essay:

“Because Anthony has always been a smart, caring, and dedicated person, and while he’s the same public servant who wants what’s best for the people he represents, he is now something else—a better man. New Yorkers will have to decide for themselves whether or not to give him a second chance. I had to make that same decision for myself, for my son, for our family. And I know in my heart that I made the right one.”

On the controversy that surrounds her husband:

“People have said many things about my husband—some nice, some not so nice. And that will surely continue. Launching this campaign was not an easy decision for our family to make. Putting yourself out there comes with a cost.”

It’s nothing juicy, but we’ll wait with bated breath to see if the entire essay proves more revealing. In the meantime, click-through some of the politico’s most memorable looks:

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