The Hunger Games Launches Tumblr Dedicated To Capitol Style

If you love The Hunger Games, fashion, and Tumblr in equal measure, then we have the blog for you. The marketing operation behind the highly anticipated film adaptation has just launched Capitol Couture, a tumblr blog dedicated to all things fashionable in the Capitol.

So what exactly does that entail? A profile on Effie Trinket (as played by Elizabeth Banks), a roundup of street style shoe shots (as spotted in City Circle), and a how-to guide for “clean and beautiful” nails, featuring a bar graph of “nail cleanliness by district.” Spoiler alert: District 12 is lagging seriously behind.

There is also the expected Tumblr fare of reblogged Capitol-appropriate clothing, like these winged Alexander McQueen shoes. All of which is to say: it’s definitely worth a follow and/or bookmark.

On a final and somewhat fascinating note, Lionsgate has been launching all of the Hunger Games-related blogs on .pn domain sites — which at first glance appears to be a shortening of Panem. Our sister site The Mary Sue points out that the “.pn” domain is owned and operated by the government of the Pitcairn Islands, a group of small islands which fall under British territory. Their population? 50. As of publishing, Lionsgate owns at least 36 different .pn sites. And if you’re looking for a super interesting read and more info on the Pitcairns, we highly recommend this 2008 article from Vanity Fair.

[Capitol Couture via BuzzFeed.]


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