The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin Had A Stunt Double

Ever wondered who designed the Mockingjay pin for the Hunger Games movie? That honor went to Dana Schneider.

The former Tiffany designer’s jewelry has been featured in tons of movies including X-Men and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but it’s Katniss‘s pin that’s getting her all sorts of attention. (By the way, Cher and Marilyn Manson are fans of her stuff, which you can buy on Etsy. Just don’t expect to find any Mockingjay pins there — she doesn’t own the rights to the design.)

Here is what she told the New York Times about her Hunger Games piece:

I had already worked with two of the costume designers, Judianna Makovsky, and her assistant, Lisa Tomczeszyn. I had worked with both these women on so many other projects and you sort of build a trust. I appreciate that they keep giving me opportunities. So they told me when they knew they were going to be working on “Hunger Games” that they wanted me to do it. It’s really wonderful.

The design itself, of course, is Suzanne Collins’s design on the book cover from eons ago. That’s why I knew when the costume designer mentioned “The Hunger Games,” she didn’t even have to tell me what the project was. What else could it be? I knew it was going to be a really important piece in the film.

Schneider made a total of four pins, hand-carving the original model out of wax. The whole process took two months. Also, her work is as functional as it is decorative:

There are a couple other companies in Hollywood that will do accessory film work. But I think I’m the only one that can really incorporate custom designs, as well as my own collection. I can also do things like stunt doubles for actors and for the jewelry I make. Like for “Hunger Games,” I had to make a stunt double for the mockingjay pin. There are a whole different set of things you have to follow so people don’t get hurt wearing your piece of jewelry. Most jewelers just want product placement. That’s not really what I do. That happens, but it’s not really what I set out to do. I really have a different goal in my business.

[On The Runway]

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