WATCH: Two Of Jon Huntsman’s Three Daughters Are Red Hot

GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has spent most of the campaign on the back burner. But for his daughters, all of whom are regulation hotties and pretty damn well versed on his talking points, that is not the case. They proved that today in an interview with MSNBC‘s Martin Bashir, where in addition to supporting their father’s policy plans and debate performance, they wore some of the reddest red that ever was.

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Or at least two of them did. Mary Ann Huntsman, on the left, paired a orangey red top with turquoise beads, and Liddy Huntsman wore her very red shirt with a chain necklace — meanwhile Abby Huntsman Livingston wore a cream colored top with lace sleeves that calls to mind the blue Erdem dress Kate Middleton wore on her visit to Canada earlier this year.

So why, if they’re campaigning for their dad to be our next president, do their clothes matter? Well, for one, clothing always matters. But their style is imbued with the same spirit and optimism that their campaign strategy is. We’d be pretty hard-pressed to listen to Abby speak her mind about how unqualified she finds Rick Perry and the other candidates if she looked like a slob. But she doesn’t.

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“I think that this is a time where America is starting to give him a chance, and really look at him,” Liddy says during the interview. We have to wonder if their cleaned up, professional style has anything to do with that.

Take a look at the interview, below.

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