Ilana Glazer Asked Sex Questions to Strangers in the Park

"That's what I'm wondering like, do you like my tits."

"That's what I'm wondering like, do you like my tits."

Amy Schumer isn’t the only one pumping strangers on the street for details about their sex lives.

But when Ilana Glazer does it for her Chronic Gamer Girl YouTube series, it’s much more delightfully awkward. This girl’s got charm. Watch her, dressed in head to toe pink with her bucket of curly fries hair, asking strangers about their first time. It’s a top-knotch way to start the day. Things we learned according to the strangers in Union Square Park:

1. “Friction is fiction” no matter what your sexual orientation is.
2. Awesome people who are elderly DGAF about their image spreading on social media or wherever.
3. Health education is better than it used to be, and it’s not the forest ground, it’s “the forest floor.”

The most honest answer about the first time comes from the man in suspenders who lost his virginity to his wife when they got married.

There was so much anxiety about that, well, there was such a nervousness about the whole thing. It was… it was awkward.

What’s wonderful about this is how she squeals in excitement when the dude from South India calls America the greatest country in the world. But best is when she asks the guy who is gay, and seriously youthful-looking for his age, if he misses titties. She jokes that it’s all a ploy to see if he likes hers, saying, “that’s what I’m wondering, like, do you like my tits?” When she says they’re invisible, he says, “you can see them.” She makes a hammy face to the camera on that one. With Broad City withdrawal setting in, we need more of this lady.

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