Should Instagram Change Its Nipple-Fearing Community Guidelines?

Adapt or die. If you’re a fan of fishnet tops or nudes of any sort, now’s the time to (1) finally learn Photoshop and (2) make a list of alternative usernames using every underscore, word reversal, and anagram you can think of.

Instagram unexpectedly suspended 25 magazine’s account Thursday, unleashing the wrath of founder Anja Rubik and a torrent of frustrated reposts as the Moral Majority flagged photos of the Balmain party to which Rihanna wore a shirt that was 95 percent stocking and 5 percent clothing. (It looks like they got to Eliza Cummings, too.) We’re no strangers to getting booted off Facebook for a day or two because some housewife in Minnesota couldn’t stomach the sight of a bare breast on her newsfeed, but this is a new low. Banishing repeat offenders who ignore warnings is one thing; killing off an otherwise rule-abiding user for publishing an image from a fashion show is another.

Like Rubik says in her exclusive interview with, this kind of policing perpetuates the association of shame and the female body. What Instagram clearly needs to do is reevaluate its (double) standards — why should a close crop of Miley Cyrus’ backside stay up when a model wearing an Anthony Vaccarello dress gets taken down? We need something more specific than “[if] you wouldn’t show the photo or video you are thinking about uploading to a child, or your boss, or your parents, you probably shouldn’t share it on Instagram.”

Should Instagram simply require everyone to approve followers, effectively making all accounts private? Or should it start assigning ratings à la the movies or video games? M for mature? F for French Vogue?

In any case, the Fash Pack has gotten très creative with its chest-concealing tactics: Glamour Don’t bars, hearts, stars, logos, hashtags, you name it. See five snaps that slipped past the censors below, and do tell us if you’re for or against the nipple.


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