The Former Intern Who Sued Hearst Now Sells Granola in Ohio

Diana Wang is the former Harper’s Bazaar intern who toppled the domino that started a Rube Goldberg machine of court cases and broken dreams. She’s also “Owner and Granola Maker at Fare City Feed,” according to the simultaneously bewildering and sobering interview she recently gave to CNNMoney.

After filing a lawsuit against Hearst for unpaid wages in February 2012, Wang is “having trouble finding a full-time job” because any potential employer who can type her name into a search bar only has to look at the second result to assume she’s totally litigious.

Any future boss of ours who Googles hard enough will eventually come across a fan-made Tumblr paying tribute to our unbeatable derpy face, so yes — we can agree that having such a long Internet trail has got to suck majorly.

However, we can apparently stow our sympathy because Wang said she’d “do it all over again.”

“I just really couldn’t watch them do that to more people,” the 29-year-old said. “It’ll be worth it in the long run.”

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