Former Vogue Russia Editor Finds New Home At European Interview

After a yearlong absence from the glossy magazine business, Vogue Russia‘s founding editor Aliona Doletskaya has just landed a job as editor of the newly minted Russian and German editions of Interview magazine. Doletskaya’s first issue for the Russian market will be on newsstands at the end of the year, with German issues following in early 2012.

Doletskaya will be working for Vladimir Doronin, supermodel Naomi Campbell‘s billionaire boyfriend, who’s bankrolling the venture with Bernard Runge, CEO of auction house Phillips de Pury and Company. (We imagine the first cover will be Campbell posing in a dress made of several priceless Faberge eggs.)

In a press release, Doletskaya said she was excited to work on two magazines in two different countries, because both editions will cater to audiences that both want creative content.

“Moscow and Berlin are cultural capitals of the modern world. The progressive, open-minded communities in those cities are booming. They have the drive and desire to grow, to discover, to move forward. Interview has always been a creative platform for talented individuals unafraid to break taboos and freely express their artistic vision. Now is the time to do so on this side of the ocean.”

Doletskaya brought the Vogue brand to Moscow in 1998 and quickly earned the nickname “the Anna Wintour of Russia.” Her issues were famed for their unabashed creativity and intellectualism — and given her background it’s no wonder why. Doletskaya majored in philology in college (we’ll wait for you to look it up) and started to work on her PhD at Oxford, but never graduated. After she decided to leave the magazine last June, she was replaced by Victoria Davydova.

Interview was founded by artist Andy Warhol in 1969, and has since covered art, fashion and culture in a manner as forward-thinking as its founder’s famous paintings. And we’re willing to bet that with Doletskaya at the helm, the European editions will follow the same creative path.

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Dan Abrams, Founder