Apple Bores Us With Khaki-Clad iPad Ads

Apple is without a doubt one of the most innovative companies out there today. But let’s put aside the brilliance of their products and focus on their advertising. Genius, right? Those iPod commercials of shadows dancing against different colored backgrounds never got old, and the Justin Long Mac vs. PC commercials are consistently entertaining.

Commercials for the iPad haven’t disapointed either, depicting people with a range of lifestyles using the product to do everything from creating sheet music to mapping out a motorcycle trip. To put it simply: Apple is cool. Apple is hip. Apple is everything you want to be…

Which is why we’re completely baffled by the styling in Apple’s new iPad billboard advertisments. You want the focus to be on the iPad rather than the people holding it? Fine with us. But why put the model in an unfortunate-looking khaki skirt? What an awkward length! What a boring color!* It’s as if Apple crawled into a fashion time machine and chose clothing from a bad Banana Republic closet, circa 1992. The men featured in the ads are no better. Why the front pleated pant? Why not throw some distressed denim and vintage tee on the model?

Our suggestion? For the next advertising campaign, Apple should hire a different stylist. Get rid of the old-school Banana (no offense to its current iteration, which we love) and replace it with some Alexander Wang.

Just because they’re the coolest kid on the block doesn’t mean they can slack on the slacks.

*We could only find an image of the ad featuring a male model, so we’re hoping you’ve seen the one with the woman. Feel free to snap a photo next time you see it and send it on in to tips [at] styleite dot com!

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