Iris Apfel Thinks The Met Gala Is ‘Sort Of Sad’ These Days

Last night, Iris Apfel chatted with The Cut about her new handbag collection, Extinctions. But it was her thoughts about this week’s Met Gala that were far more interesting.

The Met Gala was Monday night. Have you been?

I used to go every year, but it’s not affordable anymore. It’s totally corporate now. Oh, it’s not the same. They used to be really beautiful and fun. Now the corporations buy tables, because who can afford such a ticket? John Barrett did my hair today and said that the tickets now are $25,000 a pop. I mean, that’s a little bit insane. I’m happy for the reason that the recipient is the Costume Institute, which I’m very involved with, and I like to see them get money. But otherwise, I think it’s sort of sad.

Did you see any of the dresses that people wore?

No, because I don’t do Internet, so I have to wait until they come out in the paper. It’s sort of like I live in the seventeenth century. I don’t like these online days. I mean, it has a lot of wonderful advantages, but I think young people are being robbed of their humanity — they don’t know how to speak to each other, they don’t know how to have a relationship, they can’t carry on a conversation. All they know is how to press buttons.

Oh, Iris. Check out the 90-year-old icon’s full collection below:

[via The Cut]

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