PHOTOS: A Sneak Peek At The Jewelry Iris Apfel Will Be Selling Next Week

Iris Apfel is probably one of the most stylish women alive today, so when she announced she’d be selling a few pieces of her personal collection online, a lot of people (us included) got real excited that we’d be able to buy a piece of her unique style. But Apfel herself says that her penchant for layering on bauble after bauble after bauble wasn’t entirely innate: she got it from her mom.

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In a press release for her upcoming collaboration with, which will include the sale of a few pieces she’s owned and worn herself for years, Afpel explains that she observed her own mother (who she adorable calls “maman”) getting ready in the morning as a little girl. Watching little pieces of cloth, plastic and rocks turn her mom from Plain Jane to a standout diva is what got her interested in accessories in the first place:

Like a shaman stylist, she worked her magic, transforming her workaday black dress into a smashing cocktail outfit. Her talismans were shoes and scarves, bags and belts, but most important was her costume jewelry collection.

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We guess the apple really doesn’t fall very far from the tree! Decades later, Apfel gets up every day and does exactly what her mom did, to the delight of fashion observers and street style bloggers the world over. The Yoox collection will feature one line priced from $45 to $525; a more expensive line priced from $1,195 to $2,800; and her own pieces, some of which are below, priced from $695 to $3,500. Take a look at a few of the pieces she’s selling and tell us if you’d pony up the cash for a piece of Apfel’s personal style.


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