PHOTOS: The Dumbest T-Shirts Ever Worn In Mug Shot Photos

We know they’re guilty — they’ve got it written all over their faces shirts. We’re pretty sure this group of convicts had more than the fashion police on their case after wearing these fortelling t-shirts the respective days of their arrests.

While mugshots usually make us kind of sad, these are just hilarious. What were these people thinking? We have to assume at least some of these folks were blindsided by their arrests because would you really wear a shirt that read “Guilty” to perpetrate a pre-meditated crime?

One final note for the lady with “How To Outrun A Cop” printed across your chest: at a crime scene, that t-shirt doesn’t exactly put the police on your side.

Judge these true crimes of fashion for yourself, below.

[Acidcow via The Daily Mail]

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Dan Abrams, Founder