RECAP: Is Brad Goreski’s New Assistant Stealing His Thunder?

While last week’s episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World was light on fashion and heavy on family issues, this week’s episode was light on fashion and family and very heavy on filler. And Ashton Kutcher.

Let’s dispense with the fashion part of the episode first: Brad Goreski consulted with Ashton on a web chat series, giving style advice to users, though whether or not Ashton is qualified to be advising anyone on anything fashion related — given his plaid shirt, straw fedora and patchy beard — is decidedly debatable. Also, how awkward is it that Brad styles Demi Moore, as well? Regardless, Brad was his usual helpful and adorable self.

Brad also took a trip to Alabama to take a look at designer Billy Reid’s new wares. Despite his description of Billy’s aesthetic as “sexy pioneer,” his clothes were beautiful. Ultimately, though, more airtime was given to a traditional Southern cookout at Reid’s stunning home and a party at his lake house the following day, than to the nutria fur coats (that’s rat fur, you guys!) he was showing Brad in his studio.

This was also Brad’s first trip with his new assistant Lindsay, and, oh boy. I like Lindsay, and I like stylist/assistant banter as much as the next girl — it’s how I originally fell in love with Brad! But this episode was dominated by assistant hijinks to an infuriating degree. Lindsay couldn’t drive. Lindsay had trouble finding a good office space for Brad. Lindsay and Brad were creeped out by the assortment of walkers on sale at the Alabaman general store.

Okay, that part was kind of charming. But by the end of the episode I felt much the same way Brad did watching Lindsay parade around in a bikini and sailor hat for a “street style” shoot at the lake house: confused and annoyed. More styling, please! And more Gary Janetti! His only screentime with Brad this week was a fight over where to hold their 10th anniversary party, and I don’t like seeing those two at odds. It looks like next week’s episode will be a welcome return to form, as Brad tackles menswear once again. And in the meantime, you can watch Brad and Lindsay try to figure out what the “‘N Such” part means at the “Guns ‘N Such” store in the clip below.


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