It’s A Brad, Brad World Recap: Brad Has No Clients!

Oh, Bravo. I thought we were over this! This episode had the perfect blend of domestic drama, styling, and Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti’s dogs, but it was derailed three quarters of the way through by yet another subplot about Brad’s “struggling” business.

Let’s start with the good stuff: the episode opened with Brad visiting his newly decorated office, Penelope in tow. He loved what Lindsay had done with the place, and I saw Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies in the snack drawer, so it’s clear she thought of everything. Brad and Gary also had a trainer named Caryl come over to the house to work on discipline with Penelope. Though Penelope is the dog who gets to go to work with Brad — will Jasper ever have his moment in the spotlight? — she is a bit of a terror. Or, as Gary put it, “The way Brad sleeps with her is disturbing even to me.”

Brad had a client this week! Shay Mitchell, of “Pretty Little Liars” fame, was attending the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, which are the Canadian equivalent of MTV’s Video Music Awards. Brad had her come by his new office (he was wearing what looked like a Members Only jacket, and told Lindsay his inspiration was “hot dad”) where they tried on tiny dress after tiny dress. I coveted Shay’s hair and legs super hard during this segment. After a near disaster involving a L.A.M.B. dress and leather vest, they settled on black ASOS dress with a beaded bodice and feathered skirt. It looked gorgeous on the show, and on the red carpet!

My beloved Gary’s role in this episode was mostly to freak out over the imminent anniversary party. In true Gary fashion, his freak-outs were over the best stuff, from the catering staff buttering the hamburger buns to critiquing the legs on the little tables Steven the event planner brought in for displaying the food. Brad noted that while poor Steven is usually pretty comfortable around them, he thought Gary might be driving him to drink rosé, which is “like the gay man’s beer.” The more you know! For his part, Gary promised that once the first guest arrived for the party he will be able to have a good time, “but up until that moment [he] will be sick to [his] stomach.”

Brad and Gary also traveled to New York in this episode to attend the Ferragamo show (what is this about struggling, again?). Brad had time for a coffee date with a stylist friend of his, with whom he shared his anxiety about not having any clients. (Um, besides the ever-present-yet-absent Jessica Alba?) To his credit, he referred to the conversation a “whine fest,” before he revealed that his book had finally sold.

See, this is the problem. After this conversation, Brad went to the Ferragamo show, where he was addressed by the paparazzi by name, and where he hobnobbed with Eva Mendes. He went to a benefit for the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to marriage equality that also created a teen suicide hotline, and walked the red carpet with Kelly Ripa and Johnny Weir. The episode ended with Brad going to meetings at InStyle and Details to look over the layouts for his spreads in both magazines’ September issues. It may be true that Brad doesn’t have many clients right now, but it is also definitely true that he is a celebrity stylist. He’s writing a book, for heaven’s sake! I really wish that the show would find a different way to address the tension between Brad’s high profile and lack of steady work.

Next week: it’s the final episode! Gary apparently has a surprise for Brad that is guaranteed to bring on the waterworks. Until then, you can watch this clip of Brad lamenting his empty calendar (you know, apart from the book and the meetings with magazines and always being on the lookout for things for Jessica Alba to wear).

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