It’s National Best Friends Day: Call Your BFF and Thank Her


Mother’s Day is great. Father’s Day is great. Parents definitely deserve love and thanks for the crap they were put through by babies.

But you know who else deserves a big “Thanks!“? Best friends. And fortunately, today is the day to do it. Today is National Best Friends Day.

Sure, maybe your parents changed your diaper and put up with your “rebellious phase.” But your best friend has endured a lot too. She was there when the same guy dumped you twice, and she didn’t even say “I told you so.” She agreed to be your gym buddy, so that you guys could go “lift weights” but mostly gossip. She texted you and invited you to drink bloody marys at the exact moment you were about to literally die of boredom. She always has a tactful way of saying “maybe don’t buy that fugly shirt.” She agrees you could both be “Carrie“s even though you both know you’re definitely a Miranda.

Best friends are worth celebrating. So ring yours up right now. If she live near you, go buy her brunch. If she’s across the globe doing something annoyingly cool, set up a Skype date and catch up. It’s probably been too long. And if you’re feeling really creative on this fine Sunday afternoon, go old-school and make some epic friendship bracelets.

Thank her for being their for you when you needed her. Thank her for the memories. And let her know that this is totally going to be you guys in 60 years.

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