J. Crew Accidentally Photoshops Away Part Of A Model’s Thigh

Sometimes Photoshop fails are offensive, like when a company hacks away at an already-skinny model’s waist, whittles their leg into a veritable twig, digitally removes their entire ribcage, or excises every last woman from their catalog.

Other times, however, they’re just plain funny, like with this picture from J. Crew‘s e-commerce website, which ostensibly shows off the label’s casual chic Jackie cardigan. Problem is, we’re just a tad distracted by the awkwardly-shaped hole cut into the side of their model’s thigh. It looks like a newbie in the art department way overshot the size of brush tool they’d be needing to smooth out the original shot and ended up swiping right through half of her leg. Whoops!

Better luck next time, you guys. For now, check out the hilarious carnage below and tell us it doesn’t remind you of your first experiments with your brand new Photoshop software:

[Photoshop Disasters]

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