James Franco and Lindsay Lohan Reunite in Courtney Love’s Valley of the Dolls Remake

If you thought Valley of the Dolls was screaming, “make me over,” you and Courtney Love have something in common.

Corralling a dream cast of misunderstood celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and James Franco in cartoon form, Love has applied the tropes of the story to Hollywood. Seeing this work of video art by Michael Mouris will bring you back to the Magic School Bus if Miss Frizzle dropped some acid to make it through her field trips.

In this remake, Lindsay’s downfall is too many French dips and her overbearing mother — not Dina, but the highly forgivable Paula Deen.

Follow-up casting idea: Hasn’t Lindsay reached the point in her life when it’s time to just play the interloping evil stepmother in The Parent Trap that those two twins outwit? It would be the circle of life.

Courtney herslf plays the suicidal comeback-poised Broadway legend using macarons as stress balls, which is a pricey way to blow off steam.

Chloë Sevigny is the “socialite scenester slave to the fickle world of fashion.” She believes that all a chocolate brown pleather-clad homeless woman needs is mom jeans and combat boots and bam, she’s an instant fashionista. It’s democracy.

James Franco gets even more meta staring into a mirror in a snuggie-type deal.

Miley Cyrus’ twerking is aerobicized, and the closest thing to stars in the sky we have is the neon lights of her album-branded strip club.

Choosing your favorite is hard, but if this ever came to fruition LiLo would nail it.

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