Jane Aldridge Has a Bal Photographing Debs in Haute Couture

That episode of Gilmore Girls we know you’re thinking of is only a pale imitation of the real thing, which is basically a massive, ultra-fancy coming-out party for the daughters of the famous, titled and/or fabulously wealthy.

Sea of ShoesJane Aldridge recently returned to le Bal des Débutantes in Paris — after making her own grand entrée into Society in 2009 — to document all the couture gowns, calligraphed place settings and aggressively tonged ‘dos that define “this once-in-a-lifetime evening.” Teen Vogue’s Andrew Bevan joined the flame-haired blogger as another correspondent, and a bunch of parents, siblings and princes you’ve never heard of were there too.

The closest most of us will get to the Hôtel de Crillon is, you know, the exterior, but a girl of marriageable age (as if) but modest means can still look at some pictures, right? To see how the other, Chanel-and-Vionnet-wearing half lives, click here.

[Sea of Shoes]

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