Why You Shouldn’t Buy Jason Wu For Target On eBay Right Now

Jason Wu for Target goes on sale Sunday. This is exciting! We’ve seen the collection in pictures and in real life, and it’s one of the retailer’s most solid collaborations in a long time. But that doesn’t mean you should buy it on eBay right now.

Last week we attended a launch party for the collection. There were celebrities (Chloe Moretz flashed us a huge smile!) and loud French food (foie gras!) and loud music. This wasn’t just a mingle-and-eat event, however. A mini-shop was built and filled with all of the Wu for Target goodies. The shop was crowded the entire night, and we ultimately decided to skip out on any purchasing and nibble on LadurĂ©e instead.

As we enjoyed our macarons next to Blake Lively, we noticed that a lot of people bought several bags worth of merchandise. While some of the stuff will undoubtedly be worn by the purchasers or gifted to friends and family, a lot of it will end up on eBay. In fact, a lot of it already has.

As of today, nearly two dozen Jason Wu for Target items are available for sale on eBay; five have exactly one bid, while the rest have zero. You shouldn’t buy any of them. Why? Because, at this point, it’s a scam! Sellers aren’t even trying to be sneaky about where they got the goods or just how much they’re ripping you off. Check out this description (written in Comic Sans, naturally):

This collection will not be in stores until later in February; I received this from the private pre-launch party at Skylight Soho in NYC; it is in my house and ready to ship so this is your chance to wear it first! Winning bidder may purchase a limited edition Jason Wu for Target shopping bag for extra $8 ($12 for international buyers)- please contact me before paying and I will adjust the invoice.

On top of the fact that the starting bid on the $39.99 bag she’s selling is $79.99, she is also graciously willing to let you pay her $8 for a paper shopping bag. How kind!

Here’s the deal: you don’t even know if you’re going to have a hard time snagging your favorite piece(s) since the collection doesn’t go live for another five days. Yes, Missoni was a mess, but this is a smaller-scale collaboration. We’d be shocked if the website crashed again, or if the less-trafficked stores didn’t have a healthy amount of leftover stock for months.

So, wait. Relax. Prep for Sunday. And do not patronize these eBay scammers.

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