Jay-Z Pulls Controversial ‘Occupy All Streets’ T-Shirt Offline

We wish we didn’t have to report on yet another offensive, controversial t-shirt being pulled from e-commerce sites, and yet, here we are. Saturday morning, Jay-Z took his much-maligned “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts off the sales rack.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Rocawear, the Jay-Z-owned clothing label that started selling the shirts Friday, stopped selling them today because of the negative response they got in the press. The company said in a statement that the shirts had been created to support the Occupy Wall Street movement, but that it had no plans to donate proceeds from the sale of the shirt to the cause. And that, understandably, made a lot of people angry.

We’re sure Jay-Z had the best of intentions, but what people saw was of a member of the wealthiest 1% making money by cosigning the sentiments of a movement run by the 99%, and not kicking any of it back to them. This shirt was another example of the rich getting richer, what made the shirt itself seem a little hollow.

So where are the $22 garments now? They’ve disappeared from the Rocawear website, but we have no doubt that there are countless thousands of them in distribution centers everywhere. Maybe, if the company donated those shirts to the protesters, it could save itself from a little of the embarrassment it’s suffered over the past two days.


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