Brazillian Model Calls Non-Fashion People “Simple”

There is nothing we love more than a good, underminey New York Times Style profile — which is why today’s piece by Guy Trebay on Marc Jacobs‘ “ex” Lorenzo Martone is, in a word, amazing. While Martone is certainly the star of the piece, Brazillian model Jeisa Chiminazzo — his date for the evening during which Trebay followed him to the Brazil Foundation Gala — absolutely steals the show.

Here’s how Trebay sets the scene:

The president was due at the United Nations, and the limo was stuck in traffic and the Gossip Girl was doing Rachel Zoe imitations for the man best known as Marc Jacobs’s ex-beau.

In the SUV with the Gossip Girl (Amanda Setton, who plays Blaire Waldorf’s nemesis Penelope) and Martone is Chiminazzo, whom Trebay more or less introduces thusly.

Ms. Chiminazzo laughed. She tossed her head. She adjusted the bodice of her dress by Valentino, the one that had caused a bystander, as she exited the big black S.U.V., to gasp and say that she looked superfine.

It’s so nice to get that appreciation from the simple people,” Ms. Chiminazzo remarked at the time.

The emphasis, naturally, is ours. Yes, a Brazillian model who, Trebay notes, has walked the runway for no fewer than 75 major designers, refers to non-fashion people as “simple.”

We’d be inclined to give Chiminazzo the benefit of the doubt — perhaps she was being sarcastic or satirical? — except, chances are, she probably wasn’t.

Later on, Chiminazzo “teeters” into Martone’s apartment in her stiletto sandals, before striking a pose in front of a portrait of herself. This act is followed by some banter in which the two debate whose apartment the photo would look better in.

Oh, those fashion people. So fabulous.

Lorenzo Martone, Now Party of One [New York Times]

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