PHOTOS: A Very Pregnant Jemima Kirke Poses Topless For VICE

While most ladies are swathed in maternity clothes at eight months, Girls star Jemima Kirke is just letting it all hang out for Vice.

In a wide-ranging interview, the 27-year-old actress chats about doing coke off keys at East Village bars when she was 18, having a child with Michael Mosberge and expecting another in a month or so, growing up in New York City, and how she doesn’t plan on acting much longer. All while posing sans bottoms, and sometimes tops.

She explains:

“Acting is secondary—I don’t feel like it’s going to stick around because it’s not something I want to do forever. My art has always been my top priority and I have far more experience in that field than I do in film. It’s hard to explain without sounding like a dick. I’m not that person. I’m really grateful for such enjoyable work, I just don’t feel as though I have any clout as an actor. I haven’t earned it, and I don’t intend to.”

Check out some slightly NSFW pics below. What do you think of the shoot?


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