Jenna Lyons’ Oprah Appearance Makes Us Khaki Green With Envy

Yesterday, Oprah did an episode on people who are working their dream jobs. Since the fashion industry often resembles nothing so much as a fantasy land, who better to highlight than Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew.

Lyons has been climbing the corporate ladder at J. Crew since she was 21 years old. As creative director, Lyons has successfully turned a brand that only a few years ago seemed preppy and dated, into something modern and trendy.

Oprah took us into Lyon’s bedroom, showed us her memorable closet that left us a perfect shade of khaki green with envy, and introduced us to her adorable son. And shocker — her Brooklyn townhouse is perfectly styled and decorated in true Lyon fashion. Also: her husband is gorgeous.

The goal of the episode may have been to let viewers see a day in the life of someone who has their dream job, but it really just left us wanting to be Jenna Lyons — and to get our hands on her sparkly harem pants that she wore with a J. Crew striped long sleeve shirt.

“I love going to work everyday. I never sit on the edge of my bed and think ‘I don’t want to do this today.’ Not once,” Lyons told Oprah’s staff. Duh.

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