5 Things We Just Learned And Now Love About Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons‘ profile in the Fall Fashion Issue of New York Magazine may just be the most fawning feature we’ve ever read written of a human being, which would be annoying, if it wasn’t about Jenna Lyons, which is to say: it’s totally accurate. It’s also totally fascinating, mainly because we learned so much about her, including the fact that she suffers from a disfiguring genetic disease.

In other words, we highly recommend you read the whole thing but in the meantime, here are five fascinating tidbits we learned from dedicating our subway ride to devouring the article.

1. Lyons suffers from a genetic disease called incontinentia pigmenti which causes scarring, bald spots, and “conical” teeth.

2. Lyons is six-foot-five in heels.

3. The first Vogue magazine she ever read was the September issue of 1982 featuring Isabella Rossellini on the cover. She knows this off the top of her head.

4. The first item of clothing she ever made was “a yellow rayon skirt printed with jumbo watermelons.” The coolest girl in school, Dana Peterson, told Lyons that she liked it. Her life was forever changed.

5. In 1990, Lyons accepted her first job at J.Crew without asking what her salary would be.

The J in J.Crew [New York Magazine]

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