PHOTO: Is This Supposed To Be Jennifer Aniston?

Not too long ago, someone said to us, “Wow, Jennifer Aniston looks really good on the cover of Allure. Did you hear she didn’t really like the Rachel?” And while that’s certainly interesting, we didn’t even make it to that quote because we were so focused on the fact that these pictures don’t really look like Aniston at all.

The eyes were the first and biggest tip off. Real Friends fans will know that Aniston actually has brown eyes, but has been wearing blue contacts for years to cover up their natural beauty. But even when wearing those contacts, Aniston’s eyes looked like a pale gray. How Allure managed to turn gray into that inspirational shade of turquoise, we’ll never understand.

The second thing is that, duh, we’ve seen what the woman actually looks like! In red carpet shots and in unretouched magazine photos, Aniston is a gorgeous woman. But in real life she doesn’t look like some weird human/Barbie doll hybrid, which is exactly how she’s presented in Allure. It’s actually a little insulting to suggest that all these years that we’ve been watching her on screens large and small, we just haven’t been paying close enough attention to her face. Hello! We were there!


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