Wedding Rumors: Will Jennifer Aniston Wear Valentino?

If you take the tabloid rumor mill at their word, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux should be getting married any week now, since Aniston’s new comedy is finally set to wrap filming in Connecticut tomorrow. Which of course must mean that the actress’ dress is being sewn, embroidered, fitted, and finished as we speak. But who is the lucky designer? Grazia reports that we got a preview of sorts on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, where Aniston stepped out wearing a strapless red sweeping Valentino couture gown.

According to their source, the 44-year-old wore the dress as a “thank you” to the designer — something the Prada-clad newlywed Anne Hathaway caused a minor maelstrom for neglecting to do — and added:

“Jen and Justin want to make it a really special day and they’re very excited. Apparently, Jennifer has been working with Valentino on a dress and has been heavily involved in the designing process, while Justin intends to wear an Armani tuxedo.”

Now the only question is, do creepy aerial paparazzi shots of the ceremony await?


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Dan Abrams, Founder