Jennifer Grey’s Canadian Tux Gives Us Conflicting Feelings About Denim

jennifer grey casualJust this morning we were singing the praises of going urban farm girl with a pair of Asos overalls. Now, we’re kind of obsessed with Jennifer Grey bucking red carpet formality in favor of comfortable and casual jeans (on top and bottom). Usually this type of look is the butt of a joke (sorry, Canadians), so the fact that we’re loving it has us fearing that we might need some jean therapy.

When stars show up super casual to a red carpet, there’s often a reason, like an industry in-joke referenced on a tee. Which is why were were kind of perplexed when we came across this pic of Grey peacocking at Wednesday’s showing of Much Ado About Nothing. Our minds were all ‘Denim on denim? Wow, lady.’ The shoes that scream ‘sensible’ didn’t help much, either. But then… something happened. We couldn’t look away.

First of all, Grey looks really happy. She’s nearly blushing, her face is so aglow. She looks significantly more pleased with herself than certain stars who sourpuss their way down the red carpet, and the effect is hypnotizing. ‘You are happy,’ we find ourself thinking, ‘You look like you really feel great in that outfit of yours. We wish we could feel so great in outfits.’ Seriously, we need some help. But the bottom line is: it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if you can pull it off with that much aplomb. Owning it, working it, and showing the world that you like what you have on makes us like it, too.

Now, let’s talk that shirt: it’s exactly what we’ve been sporting all season (hey kindred style sister!), so we can attest to the fact that it’s easy, flattering, and works in any scenario (though, really, not recommended for a red carpet any more formal than this one). And finally, the way she accessorized the look with layers and layers of necklaces seems like she started with her own wardrobe, rather than relying on some million-dollar loaner that would look out of place. In the end, we wanted to laugh at the all-jeans look, but we can’t. Because what we found was a woman who is — maybe after some adjustments — comfortable in her own skin.

If you’ve got casual friday fever, too, check out our chambray shirt shopping guide, a denim vest we dare you to try, and see Gisele’s BLK DNM campaign in GIF form.


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