There’s Something Strange About Jennifer Lawrence’s Elle Canada Cover

This was originally going to be a fluffy, everything’s-cool-with-the-world-because-Jennifer-Lawrence-lives-in-it-type post, but then our fashion-blogger Spidey senses started tingling like crazy and hours of agony later, here we are talking about today’s Unsolved Mystery.

Before making the chop heard ’round the world, (we initially thought) Jennifer Lawrence posed for Elle Canada sporting enough unshorn hair to make a cranial bump that went great with strapless houndstooth Dior and her topnotch coat-slinging technique. All that interview jazz about making a mean meat loaf and turning down the Anchorman sequel was predictably likable and ultimately A-OK too, but as we were wrapping up, things took a turn for the weird.

Remember JLaw’s October Elle France spread? Scroll down to the third photo (which we’ve also included below) and tell us it’s not identical to the cover in question. True, it’s all in the family and the photographer most likely got paid twice, but this can’t be standard practice, right?

Tell us if you’ve seen anything like this before, tell us if you also feel kind of shortchanged and please tell us we’re not unjustified for writing about this.

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