Happy Bday, J-Law! Her Most Hilarious Anti-Fashion Memes and GIFS

Birthday girl Jennifer Lawrence is the reigning queen of our big fat girl crush club (no, we’re not accepting applications at this time), because frankly, she’s the only face of Christian Dior who not only has the nerve to eat, but then proceed to the tell the world about it. On top of that, she constantly mocks the fashion world and yet the industry can’t get enough of her. She’s covering Vogue’s September issue, so yeah, enough said.  It’s pure brilliance if you ask us, and with that sentiment in mind we’ve rounded up all the fashiony memes and gifs in which her perpetual one-liners thrive. Enjoy!

1. She’ll call out red carpet commentators like it’s nobody’s business
jennifer lawrence fashion meme

2. She’d rather get a nod of approval from Mugatu than Anna Wintour
jennifer lawrence hot

3. She’s a better Dior model when she’s not trying
jennifer lawrence christian dior

4. Doesn’t care to be a model because food…
jennifer lawrence model

5. Photobombing Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala is NBD
jennifer lawrence photobomb

6. Doesn’t get the whole weight obsession
jennifer lawrence weight

7. She really does like food. Weird.
jennifer lawrence eating

8. She thinks pants aren’t that important
jennifer lawrence pants

9. She shamelessly aims for Spanx swag
jennifer lawrence spanks

10. She DGAF about chubby fingers
jennifer lawrence nails

11. Hates when Kendall and Kylie Jenner are rude enough not to offer snacks
jennifer lawrence food

12. She’s not shy about being able to eat a whole pizza (we’ve all done it, no?)
jennifer lawrence pizza

13. She’s not afraid to make light of fashion’s ever-popular statement braid
jennifer lawrence matt damon

14. Preach, sista!
jennifer lawrence kate moss

15. Just because this is our favorite exchange of life….
jennifer lawrence jack nicholson

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