WATCH: Jennifer Love Hewitt Will Not Be Insuring Her Breasts For $5M

Last week, Jennifer Love Hewitt sat down for an interview with USA Today to promote the second season of her highbrow guilty pleasure Lifetime series, The Client List. Naturally, the conversation turned to her breasts — or, more specifically, whether she’d ever consider taking a cue from Heidi Klum and taking out an insurance policy on them (they’re quite the valuable asset, you see). Hewitt responded that she’d do it for a cool $5 million, but backtracked last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live when the host pressed her on the appraisal.

As she told it, she was goaded into giving an answer by a pushy interviewer, and would never actually consider getting her chest insured:

“I was doing an interview and somebody said ‘Oh, all of these people are insuring their parts’, and they were naming off all these different parts and they were like, ‘Would you insure the ladies?’ And I said, ‘No! I’m not gonna, you know…’ And they were like, ‘Well, how much would you do it for if you did?’ So I just threw out a number trying to get them to move on and the next thing I know, my brother’s calling me and he’s like ‘You’re doing what?!'”

Which is all well and good, except when you listen to the original interview, here’s what she told the reporter:

“If somebody was like, ‘Hey, you know what, we would like to insure your boobs for $2.5 million, I’d be like, ‘Do it. Love it. Why not?”

We tend to agree — if someone else is paying the insurance premium, why wouldn’t you do it?

Watch a TV Replay breakdown of the two interviews below, and scroll down for the full Jimmy Kimmel clip:

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