VIDEO: Billboard Vandals Made Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boobs Smaller

On The Client List, Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a prostitute in a happy-ending massage parlor. So it shouldn’t shock that she shows plenty of skin on the show’s promotional materials, but sure enough a scandal erupted over her scantily clad billboard images last year.

The billboard in question depicted Hewitt laying seductively (as if she could do it any other way) in a nude bra and panties. “There was one group of people who apparently were offended by the billboard,” she told Conan O’Brien while appearing on his show last night. “Next thing we knew there was this picture — we still don’t know who it was — [but] they covered me up and they actually made me like a cup-and-a-half size smaller.”

Ever since she pranced around in so many baby tees in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Hewitt’s perky pair has garnered fans. Earlier this year there were even rumors that she’d be insuring her breasts for $5 million. She’s more or less naked on primetime TV on a weekly basis, which makes the mysterious boob-shrinking vigilantes truly puzzling to us (and “un-American!” to Conan).

“So my billboard is there, and I’m being made smaller. But right next to it is David Beckham in his underwear for H&M… But I had to have smaller boobs.” The world is unfair, Jennifer. But if you want to get into a sexism debate, probably the people who covered up your bare chest in an ad campaign aren’t the ones to go after. This season, the creepy billboard with tiny men crawling all over her serves as a replacement.

Later in the interview she talks about how it feels to shoot in a bikini for Shape magazine, and to have a full time job that pretty much requires her to exist in lingerie at all times. Considering she vagazzled Conan’s face on her last visit to his show, this video errs on the side of family friendly.

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