This Cosmo Cover Is The Silliest Thing We’ve Seen All Day

There are some covers we love. And some covers we hate. And some covers that are so ridiculous on so many levels that all we can do is laugh. Cosmopolitan’s September issue is one of those.

In lieu of a long and lengthy post written at 5PM on a summer Thursday, we thought we’d just give you the rundown of what exactly ran through our heads when we saw the cover. It goes a little something like this:

1. Wait, is that really the cover?
2. And does it really say “Untamed Va-Jay-Jays” in huge block letters somewhere above Jessica Alba’s actual va-jay-jay? That’s hilarious.
3. Jessica Alba is pretty.
4. Except… her head looks kind of funny. Isn’t it kinda far over on her shoulders?
5. Stop being so cynical. She’s just doing that thing where you pop your head over to the far right side of her shoulder. You could do it, too!
6. Wait. No, we can’t. We just tried. Our head doesn’t go that far over and stay straight. It’s also kinda hard to smile when you’re doing it.
7. Let’s try the other side. No. That didn’t work either. This is almost as bad as that Britney cover.
8. Photoshopped covers suck.

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