Photoshop Gone Wrong: Jessica Biel Gets New Legs

One part horror, two parts humor. Whenever we come across an unbelievably obvious photoshopping mishap, we have to wonder how an editor let that happen — and more importantly, how the copy edit team let it go to print.

This month’s version of Britney Spear’s Cosmo cover is Jessica Biel’s UK Glamour spread. Take a close look at her legs. The upper thigh is completely different from the lower portion.

Now, it’s fully possible that, given where the warped leg begins, the image is distorted by the seam of the magazine — you know, the place where one page meets the next and often creates a ripple. But be it poor photoshopping or poor photocopying, this image should have never been emailed around to the press.

Aside from the poor chop job on her legs, Biel looks breathtakingly stunning. Too bad her mismatched legs take away from that.


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