Jessica Swears She Isn’t Wearing Makeup On Marie Claire

Jessica Simpson says she was “absolutely was not wearing makeup” on Marie Claire’s allegedly unretouched and makeup-free cover.

In our write-up of the image, we agreed that it looked unretouched — though, honestly, Jessica is gorgeous, so it’s a hard call to make — but took issue with the makeup part. As someone who doesn’t walk out of the house without at least a swipe of mascara, it sure looked like there was at the very least some mascara on those lashes.

Jessica told Us magazine at Monday night’s Good Housekeeping party in NYC:

“I absolutely was not wearing makeup. Look at the cover — you can tell! My nose has been broken a couple of times. If you look at a retouched cover of me and you look at the Marie Claire cover, you can see there’s a big difference.”

In her statements to Us, Jessica seems to be conflating retouching with makeup-free. She goes on:

“I really wanted to show women that I’m just a normal person. I take the pictures. I don’t know what the magazine is going to do with it after that. I don’t know what the photographer is going to do with it after that, so it was important for me to make sure that they absolutely did not retouch. I just wanted people to see how I really am.”

Look, we’re not going to argue with her — if she says she wears no makeup, then, well, consider this a cyber high-five — but we will tell her that she’s got the darkest, lushes lashes we’ve ever seen. Not to mention an enviously even skin tone.

And to be clear, this isn’t a criticism — I’ve personally always maintained that Jessica Simpson is a stunning woman and having seen her in person can attest that photos don’t actually do her justice. And who didn’t love her bare-faced, jeans and hoodie look on Newlyweds? We just think that some magazines are missing the issue. It’s not about too much makeup — it’s about lying. We couldn’t care less if Jessica showed up on the cover with a full-on clownface, as long as she wasn’t digitally retouched to look like something else.

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