Charges Dropped In Jessica White Street Brawl Case

Model Jessica White got off easy yesterday when a New York Judge agreed to dismiss her assault charges in favor of community service and anger management classes.

White, who models for Victoria’s Secret and who’s a staple in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, was celebrating her breakup from actor Sean Penn (yes, that Sean Penn) last October when she stepped out of a club and tried to hail a cab. Vanessa Kia, who has the much less glamorous job of working for a car-rental company, was on the same corner trying to hail the same cab, and things got ugly. White claims that the series of blows she delivered to Kia’s head and face were fired off in self defense, but they still sent her to the emergency room. As part of her deal, White had to pay Kia’s almost $500 hospital bill from that night.

We thought that the beat downs would become a part of her new reality show — and we’ll definitely hear more about them in White’s new autobiography, “Overcoming Your Greatest Hurt” — but that won’t be happening. White says she’s become a lot more spiritual since the event, and will have a lot of support to help her bring her knee-jerk “cut that lady for wronging you” reaction time under control. From none other than Russell Simmons!

“For my birthday” — which is next Wednesday — “Russell paid for meditation classes. He’s one of my greatest supporters and pushed me into humanitarian work.

“I don’t have anyone around me that’s not spiritual.”

And if she doesn’t stop beating people up, she won’t have anyone around her at all.


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