Jessica White Says She Didn’t Start The Fight

Yesterday we reported that professional pretty lady Jessica White was assaulting for bludgeoning another woman over a cab. But White and her lawyers don’t think she should be in too much trouble because Sports Illustrated models are “not the type of women that get into cat fights.” So clearly, White had to have been provoked. Or something.

The story goes (or the story that White’s lawyer told Page Six, anyway) that White was leaving a club with a group of friends early Saturday morning, where she’d been celebrating her split from ex-boyfriend Sean Penn. When she went to hail a cab, 28-year-old Vanessa Kian approached the model and started causing middle school-level drama.

According to [her lawyer] White stated “She hit my shoulder,” and a tussle ensued.

A tussle? A tussle sounds like a new brand of fabric softener compared to the smack down White gave Kian — or at least it does when you compare it with the story in the original incident report.

According to the court complaint, White “pulled the victim’s hair and struck [the victim] numerous times in the face with her hand, causing abrasions, swelling and substantial pain.”

Yeah — we’ve been in tussles before. We’ve never left a tussle with an abrasion. Or actually having been physically harmed. Still, White’s lawyer Mark Jay Heller says he’s certain that White’s reputation will be undamaged by this documented episode of human brutality.

“Stories concerning celebrities frequently get blown up, and I’m confident that when the air is released from this blown-up story that has obviously been overinflated, all that will be left will be hot air with no substance.”

But no matter who started the fight, no matter whether it’s blown up or not and regardless of what the fight was about, the fact remains that White hit another grown woman in the face a few times. Things like that carry penalties, and we’re looking forward to seeing just how White will be asked to pay up.

[Via Page Six]


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